Your Ultimate Guide To Understanding The Premium Auto Shipping

If you are planning to relocate or have purchased a vehicle from somewhere else, it’s wise to opt for the safety of luxury car shipping. Driving your luxury car over long distances can be risky, but with the right premium auto shipping service, you can have your vehicle delivered to your new location without any worry about its safety. That’s why people who love luxury cars choose luxury car transport companies to ship their vehicles.

Luxury Car Transport?

Luxury car transport is a premium auto shipping service designed for the safe and secure shipment of classic, luxury, and exotic cars. Auto transport companies offer premium shipping services for your vehicle.

Classic car shipping is designed specially for the shipment of classic cars, standard luxury car transport services for the shipment of standard vehicles, and exotic auto transport services for the shipment of exotic cars, the cost of these shipping services may vary as per the shipment of vehicles.

Shipping Methods Of Luxury Car Shipping

Luxury car transport is not just about moving vehicles from one place to another. It is about the safety of your vehicle, and your vehicle has to be shipped to you in pristine condition without even a scratch.

Whichever shipping method you choose, whether it is open or enclosed, it is most important that you choose a reliable and experienced auto transport company. If you have selected an experienced company, you do not need to worry about the safety of your vehicle. The auto transport company will ship it safely to your destination.

There are many options for transporting standard vehicles, but there are the few best and safest options for shipping valuable vehicles. They are open and enclosed transport.

  • Enclosed

Enclosed transport is the best option for shipping your premium vehicles. It is an enclosed trailer that protects your vehicle from external elements and other climatic conditions. With this option, you will get door to door delivery services and a tracking facility that will help you know the live location of your vehicles.

  • Door to Door

Door to door transport is the best and the most convenient way to transport your vehicle, in this method your vehicle will be picked up from your given address, and then it will be delivered to the preferred address.

  • Terminal to Terminal

Terminal to terminal car shipping is the cost-effective shipping method, in this your vehicle will be picked up from the terminal point and then when the driver reaches your location he will unload your vehicle at the nearby terminal points.

Owners of classic and luxury cars know the value of their valuable vehicles and they know which is the safe and the best method for the transportation of their vehicles. People who own high-value vehicles prefer to choose an enclosed transport with the door to door shipping service. In door to door transport your vehicle will be picked up and delivered to the address chosen by the owner.

Cost Of Luxury Car Transport

The cost of premium auto shipping will be higher than that of daily-use vehicles. the average cost of shipping ranges from $500 to $2000 based on the type of vehicle you are shipping, and there are many factors that affect the shipping cost are the following,

  • Transport method
  • Distance
  • Shipping time
  • Vehicle type
  • Expedited shipping services.
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Transport method

Open transport is more cost-effective than enclosed transport, which costs a little more.


Many car shipping companies charge based on the per mile. So, you must pay more if you ship your vehicle over a large distance.

Shipping time

Peak-season shipping will cost more than off-season shipping or winter shipping.

Vehicle type

Large and heavy vehicles will cost more because the size and weight of the vehicle determine the shipping cost. The larger and heavier the vehicle more the shipping cost.

Expedited shipping services

If you need to ship your car quickly or want to ship it within one or two days, expedited car shipping will cost more than the usual shipping service. This is because expedited car shipping offers the safe pickup and delivery of your vehicles.

If you want to know the accurate shipping cost contact the auto transport company and get the auto shipping quote or you can use the car shipping cost calculator to know the shipping cost.

Why To Choose An Auto Transport Company?

We know that road trips with friends and family members can be fun, but what if you are moving across the country? It might be difficult for you to transport your vehicles by yourself and ship them safely to your address, but you need an expert and reliable auto transport company that can transport your vehicles.

It is important to use a premium auto-shipping service for the shipment of your vehicle. Here are a few of the benefits of hiring an auto transporter company.

  • Auto transport companies have years of experience in shipping classic, luxury, and exotic cars. Your vehicle will be protected from all the external elements.
  • You can move multiple vehicles at once.
  • Auto transport companies will save time and money.
  • They will save wear and tear costs.
  • You will get insurance coverage for your vehicle to ensure that it will be safely transported.

Choose The Reliable Auto Transport Company

  • You have to research the car shipping selected for the shipment, and you have to look for their express, registration number license, etc.
  • You must have to pay attention to the feedback and reviews of the customers.
  • You should look for the shipping services they offer and want to ensure that they are offering the shipping service you are required.
  • You have to look for the terms and conditions of the shipping companies.
  • Look for the payment options and ensure that it is verified and read the shipping contract carefully before you sign it.

Prepare Your Car For The Shipment

Before you ship your exotic and luxury cars, you have to prepare your vehicle for shipment to ensure the stress-free transportation of your vehicle.

  • Wash and clean your car thoroughly.
  • Check the battery and other electrical parts.
  • Reduce the level of the fuel tanks.
  • Remove personal items and other stuff from inside a car.
  • Inspect your vehicle.
  • Complete the maintenance and documentation of your car.

Expert Tips For Smooth Car Shipping

  • Choose a reliable auto transport company.
  • Choose the shipping methods wisely.
  • Verify the payment options.
  • Get a copy of your signed documents.
  • Complete the documentation and inspection of your car before and after the delivery.

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