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Bernhard Goetz was born to German immigrants on November 7, 1947. He secured her future as an electrical/nuclear engineer or actor after moving to New York in 1980 with her three siblings. Let’s get to the point and discuss his net worth in 2024.

“The net worth of Bernhard Goetz in 2024 is $18 million.”

Bernhard Goetz Net Worth 2024$18 Million
Net Worth 2023$15 Million
Net Worth 2022$13.5 Million
Net Worth 2020$12 Million

Bernhard Goetz Businesses

Firstly, he is an actor and has starred in two popular films, “Silver Night” (2005) and “Every Move You Make” (2002), which have gained significant popularity and generated high traffic. His acting career is his primary passion and has contributed greatly to his net worth.

Secondly, Bernhard is the owner of “Mutual Specialty Products,” a company that sells wedding items and pictures. This business generates a large amount of income, and he has a dedicated team to manage its operations.
Lastly, Bernhard Goetz also owns an electrical company that he established in 1987 in New York. This company sells electrical equipment and hires engineers to work throughout New York City.


Biography of  bernhard goetz

Bernhard Goetz was born to German immigrants. He completed his early education in Switzerland at a boarding school. For his graduation, he enrolled in electrical engineering at New York University. After completing his degree, he started his own electrical business.

During this time, he watched the movie “The Confessions of Bernhard Goetz” (1987) and became interested in acting. He was very passionate about it and started struggling to make his own films. He shot and published “Silver Night” (2005) and “Every Move You Make” (2002), which became viral among the people and brought him huge fame.

Full NameBernhard Goetz
Age 77 Years
Family MembersGertrude Goetz (Father)
Bernhard Willard (Mother)
Ludwig Goetz (cousin)
ProfessionFull Name
Height6.2 Feet
Weight76 KG


Gertrude Goetz is the father of Bernhard. He owns his own dairy business in Orlando, Florida. Bernhard’s mother is a housewife and a good lady. She was born a scientist.

Now, Bernhard is a famous scientist in New York. Her work is her recognition. She currently lives in New York with her family.

Social Profiles Bernhard Goetz

 bernhard goetz networth

Bernhard Goetz is a well-known personality in the USA with a large following on social media. He has accounts on Instagram, IMDb, and Facebook. The details of his accounts are listed below.

FacebookPage: Click Here
InstagramID: Visit Now
IMBDProfile: Link

December 22, 1984 Incident


Bernhard Goetz is a famous scientist and actor based in New York, with a net worth of $18 million as of 2024. He also has his own business in New York.
His movies have brought him great fame, and he is currently 77 years old and resides in New York. You can find his social media accounts mentioned above. If you want to know the net worth of Sheila Lois Belasco and Seung Yong Chung, visit our website. If you have any questions related to Bernhard Goetz’s net worth, feel free to ask us in the comments section.

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