Cooking With Sammy Net Worth 2024

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Cooking with Sammy is a popular Facebook page with 1.9 million followers. The name of the group is based on a nine-year-old girl named Sammy, who learned cooking skills from her mother at a young age. Now, Sammy and her mother create videos to teach their audience how to make healthy and nutritious dishes at home.

Who is Sammy?

cooking with sammy

Sammy is a nine-year-old chef who gained fame through her Facebook videos. She creates cooking-related videos for YouTube and Facebook, which are very popular among people in the United States. Her videos teach unique cooking skills and are loved by people and families for their great content.

Full NameSammy
AgeNine Years
Height4.3 Feet
Weight30 KG
ProfessionChef and Content creator

Cooking with Sammy’s Net Worth

Sammy has multiple income streams through her work as a content creator. She earns 50% of her net worth by promoting products, running ads, and using affiliate marketing on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. 20% of her total net worth comes from a fee she charges for enrolling on her Facebook page.

Sammy also offers premium chef courses and has other small businesses that contribute 30% to her overall net worth. Her estimated net worth as of 2024 is 1.5 million dollars.

Cookiingwithsammy Net Worth 20241.5 Million Dollars
Yearly Income$190K
Monthly Income$15K
Daily IncomeRound About $450

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Cookig with Sammy Family

Sammy lives with her four sisters, Sarah, Ada, Abigail, and one brother, Adam, in their family home. Their mother is a housewife and a professional chef who mentors Sammy and teaches her cooking skills, making her an expert in the field. Sammy’s sister, Sarah, also works with her and is trying to learn cooking skills.

Sammy’s father is also a helpful person who assists them in managing their social media platforms. He is an expert in video editing and SEO. Therefore, Sammy and her mother create the cooking videos, and her father edits them before uploading them to various social media platforms. They work together as a team, and this is the secret behind their success.InsertRephrase

Life Events

Her social media accounts are still active, and they are managed by Sammy’s father. He shares videos of their daily routines, including trips to the beach and other activities with their children.

He also shares the joy of buying Christmas gifts for his daughters as well as their birthday celebrations with his social audience. As a result, their followers love and respect them for being open and sharing their lives with the world.

Social Profiles

Their unique chef and daily routine videos are highly popular and well-liked by their audience. They have 1.9 million followers on Facebook, 22.2k subscribers on YouTube, and 30k followers on Instagram. You can find links to their social media accounts in the table below.

YoutubeCookingwithSammy and Little Vegan Cooks


Who is Sammy, and why is she famous?
Sammy is a 9-year-old girl. She is famous because of her cooking videos.

How many sisters and brothers does Sammy have?
Sammy has 4 sisters and one brother.

When did Sammy’s family start creating video content?
They started creating video content from October 18, 2017.

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