Dealing the Decks: A Look at Video Games Set in the Glittering Neon Oasis of Las Vegas

Las Vegas, the dazzling city of sin and the number one competitor of the best online casinos since its inception, has captivated imaginations for decades.  This allure extends to the world of video games, where developers have recreated the vibrant energy, high-stakes atmosphere, and even the seedy underbelly of “Sin City” for players to explore.  This article dives into a selection of video games that embody Las Vegas, offering diverse experiences that range from post-apocalyptic adventures to thrilling tactical operations and even casino management sims

Fallout: New Vegas

Synopsis: Set in a post-apocalyptic world, “Fallout: New Vegas” thrusts players into the heart of a war-torn Mojave Desert. The game begins with the player, a courier, being ambushed and left for dead. Rescued by a friendly robot, the player begins a quest for revenge, unraveling a complex political landscape involving factions vying for control over New Vegas. The story explores several themes. These involve survival, loyalty, and the impact of choice, with players making decisions that shape the city’s future.

Gameplay: “Fallout: New Vegas” combines role-playing elements with first-person shooter mechanics. Players can customize their character, explore a vast open world, and combat various enemies. The game’s branching storyline and moral choices provide a deep and replayable experience.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Synopsis:  Carl “CJ” Johnson returns to his Los Angeles neighborhood after a five-year absence, only to find it riddled with gang violence.  He sets out to rebuild his life and save his family, navigating the criminal underworld and eventually venturing out to Las Venturas, a thinly veiled version of Las Vegas.

Gameplay: Las Venturas in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas offers a more lighthearted take on Sin City.  Players can gamble at extravagant casinos, participate in thrilling street races, or embark on wild crime sprees that take them through the glitzy underbelly of the city. The open-world environment allows players to explore freely, indulging in the vices and attractions Las Vegas is famous for. While the game doesn’t delve into the serious side of gambling addiction, it captures the sense of excitement and recklessness associated with a trip to Vegas.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Vegas

Synopsis: In “Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Vegas,” players assume the role of Logan Keller, the leader of a counter-terrorism unit. The game’s plot centers around a series of terrorist attacks in Las Vegas, with the player’s team tasked with preventing a catastrophic event. The narrative takes players through famous Las Vegas locations, including casinos and hotels, in a race against time to stop the terrorists.

Gameplay: The game is a first-person shooter—the tactical kind. It emphasizes strategy and teamwork. Players must carefully plan their actions, use gadgets to gather intelligence and coordinate with their team to neutralize threats. The multiplayer mode adds to the game’s longevity.

Dead Rising 2

Synopsis: “Dead Rising 2” is set in Fortune City, a fictional city modeled after Las Vegas. The protagonist, Chuck Greene, is a former motocross champion participating in a zombie-killing game show to earn money for his infected daughter. When the city becomes overrun with zombies, Chuck must survive, find the culprits behind the outbreak, and secure medicine for his daughter.

Gameplay: The game is an action adventure that focuses on melee combat against hordes of zombies. Players can create custom weapons, explore the city, and complete various missions within a time limit. The game also includes cooperative multiplayer modes.

Vegas: Make It Big

Synopsis:  As an aspiring casino mogul, players take charge of building and managing their dream casino resort in Las Vegas.  Players have complete control over their casino empire, from constructing the initial buildings to hiring staff, attracting high rollers, and even managing finances.

Gameplay: Vegas: Make It Big offers a unique experience compared to the other games on this list.   This strategy simulation game lets players experience the business side of Las Vegas.  They can choose from various themes and attractions for their casino, manage finances to ensure profitability and cater to the needs of their high-rolling clientele.  While there’s no shooting or zombie slaying


There are a lot of mediums out there that highlight the glitz and glamor of the city of lights. Though in the realm of video games, Las Vegas can be named in a different way to make the narrative fit well with the games aesthetics and more importantly avoid any copyright altercations. But the core premise is still there. Las Vegas and the fun one can have in this city can be translated in the ever evolving medium of Video Games.

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