Exploring the Diamond Distillate Wonderland

Fan of a potent cannabis hit? Well my friend, do we have the perfect product for you. Introducing Dr Ganja Rawbar’s 14g Diamond Distillate, a fun blend of pure THCA extracts and other cannabinoids. Don’t let the bling of the Diamond Distillate get you confused. This versatile product offers a plethora of different consumption styles, each one offering a unique experience.

Don’t fret as we have done all the hard work for you and devised a complete guide to help you understand more about Rawbar’s 14g Diamond Distillate. Let’s get started.

What is Rawbar Diamond distillate?

Before anything else, we must clearly understand what the product actually is. It is hemp derived full spectrum THCA oil along with traces of other cannabinoids. To make this product, the THCA oil is extracted from the hemp plant using distillation without the need for any heavy chemicals for processing. Third party tested, this potent product from Dr Ganja comes in a 14 gram jar which makes consumption quite easy.

How potent is the Rawbar Diamond Distillate?

Rawbar’s Diamond Distillate is one potent product. Ready to knock you off your feet. This full spectrum product has over 99 percent THCA along with other cannabinoids like CBCA, CBDA, CBNA, and THCV that are responsible for all those splendid highs. But you might have heard that THCA is not euphoric. Then why are we talking about the high? Well, it all depends on the consumption (we will talk about this in the later sections) mode.

Flavors to explore with Rawbar Diamond Distillate

Explore a whole host of wonderful flavors with this product from Dr Ganja. This comes in four different varieties. Let’s explore these


If you prefer more of a conventional cannabis taste without much flavoring, this unterped version is the right fit for you. Find no added terpenes that can alter the taste of the product. Try it out if you love the original taste.

Berry White

Berry White is a balanced hybrid known for its fresh fruity taste and sweet aftertaste. One of our favorite strains is now available with the Diamond Distillate. Strain specific terpenes are infused to give off this iconic flavor.

Sour Diesel

Another legendary strain that we all fell in love with is the Sour Diesel. A sativa strain that offers a more gas like flavor and earthy undertones, the Sour Diesel Diamond Distillate is a must try. Like others, this variant too has strain specific terpenes added for the flavor profile.

Skywalker OG

Reach for the sky with the Skywalker OG Diamond distillate. This particular flavor is known for its high euphoric rush and smooth taste. Extracted into our favorite Diamond Distillate, this indica dominant flavor of the product is a must try.

How to consume Rawbar Diamond DIstillate

There are plenty of fun ways to consume and embrace the wellness of the Diamond DIstillate. From smoking to edibles, the world is your playground. Here are some of the more common ways to consume Diamond Distillate.


Looking out for a potent hit of Diamond Distillate? Well, smoking should be on your shortlist. Smoking is one of the most effective ways to enjoy the product with minimal hassle, as you simply need to make a joint, sprinkle a little bit of Diamond Distillate and light it up for an amazing experience.


Vaping is another wonderfully potent option to relish the product. With vaping the distillate is heated to such a high temperature that it turns into vapor without burning and thus, this is a healthier alternative to smoking. Make sure your vape is concentrate compatible. Just add a little bit of the product to the vaporizer and rip out a fat cloud for immediate effects.


The last few years saw the rise of dabbing. If you want to dab your Diamond DIstillate, you will need a dab rig. Heat up the metal top piece of the dab rig and place a small amount of the product on the red hot nail. As soon as the distillate hits the hot surface, inhale the smoke from the mouthpiece. For reference, dabbing is the most potent way to consume Diamond Distillate.


If you are in search of a non-psychoactive way to enjoy the product, give edibles a try. All you need to do is to sprinkle some Diamond Distillate on your favorite food and drinks and enjoy the benefits it has to offer without any euphoric effects.

Do note that apart from edibles, all other methods of consumption of the Diamond Distillate will offer with a very powerful high since the THCA content quickly turns into THC in the presence of high heat. So, make your decisions accordingly.

Considerations when using Rawbar Diamond Distillate

Being one of the most potent and pure products on the market, the Rawbar Diamond Distillate is not designed with new users in mind. Here are a few things to consider, if this is your first time with Diamond Distillate.

High potency

Diamond Distillate is a very potent product with over 99 percent THCA. Under high heat, this converts to THC, and consuming without precautions can lead to very strong and powerful effects which can be overwhelming for some.

Store safely

Extracted from legal hemp, Diamond Distillate has a very high THCA content. And when this is left exposed to sunlight and heat, the product quickly loses its potency. Therefore, we suggest that you seal the jar tight after use and store it in a cool, dark place.

Do not freeze the product

Extremely low temperatures too can adversely affect the efficiency of the product. Freezing will cause lumps to form in the product which makes using the product quite difficult.

Taking over the world with its potent effects, Rawbar Diamond Distillate has been quite high in demand since its launch. Efficiently extracted distillate packs in the pure punch of THCA and other cannabinoids to offer a well balanced experience after consumption. Smoke it with a joint, dab it with your rig, or simply add it to your favorite foods, this versatile product from Dr Ganja is going to be the perfect choice to embrace cannabis wellness into your daily regimen. Try out this wonderful product today!

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