Frank Depasquale Net Worth 2024

Frank Depasquale is a renowned American real estate broker, investor, entrepreneur, and successful businessman. He has made a name for himself in the business industry by investing in different kinds of businesses.

He is the co-founder of Depasquale Construction Company, located in Rochester, New York, which is a large private equity firm. He has also made a name for himself in the restaurant business and venture capital. This article briefly describes the net worth of Frank Depasquale, his biography, and business details.


Frank Depasquale was born in Brooklyn on May 16, 1960, to a modern and well-educated family. He received his early education from Anderson School in 1972 and had a dream of becoming a businessman after spending time in his father’s small construction company.

During his educational period, he also worked with his father’s company, where he gained practical skills in communication, group work, and interaction with people.

These skills proved beneficial when he started his own real estate business after completing his finance degree in 1982.

Attribute Detail
Full NameFrank Depasquale
Age63 Years
BirthdayMay 16
Height5.8 Feet
Weight65 KG

Frank Depasquale Net Worth 2024

Frank Depasquale is a wealthy businessman in the USA. He works hard and proves himself to be a consistent person in achieving his goals. He earns millions of dollars from his businesses. As of 2024, Frank’s estimated net worth, including all business resources, is $120 million dollars.

Early Life and Education

Frank Depasquale was a talented and sharp child from an early age. He earned many competitive speech awards from the Anderson School while also being involved with his father’s company during his education. He had a dream to become a successful businessman and earn millions of dollars.

To achieve his dreams, he enrolled in high school and completed his graduation in BBA in 1977. Later on, he enrolled at New York University to pursue advanced studies in finance. After completing his finance degree, he started his business career properly.

Career Journey

Frank DePasquale started learning about stockbroking in Manhattan after completing his finance studies, which gave him ideas about the stock market. In 1982, Frank founded a real estate company named DePasquale to pursue his career as a businessman.

After some years, the real estate business became profitable, and he earned thousands of dollars from it because Frank had experience in the construction industry. After positive results in real estate, he also started a construction company in 1991 with the same brand name. These businesses made him a millionaire, and his dreams came true.

Net Worth Sources

Frank Depasquale is a successful entrepreneur who owns several large businesses, including those in the real estate, construction, restaurant, and stock market industries. These businesses are the primary sources of his net worth. In addition to these, he also has several small businesses that contribute to his overall wealth.

Real Estate Business

Frank is the owner of a real estate company located at 120 Marina Drive, Suite 201, in Rochester. The company primarily deals with buying and selling apartments at beneficial rates, which is his main source of income.

Construction Company

Frank is the CEO and founder of DiPasquale, a large construction company in the USA. The company has several branches throughout the country and according to media reports, Frank earns more than 10 million dollars annually from this business. Therefore, it is also his main source of income.

Restaurant Business

Frank is the owner of many big restaurants in the USA. He has a special colleague named Joseph, who manages Frank’s restaurant business. Frank earns thousands of dollars from his 20+ restaurants all over the USA. This income contributes significantly to his overall net worth.

Stock Market

Frank has significant experience in the stock market, and he has generated a substantial amount of money from his investments. This amount is included in his net worth.

Frank’s Real Name and Age

Frank DePasquale was born in 1960 in Brooklyn. Now, at 63 years old, he is a successful businessman and entrepreneur who made a name for himself through hard work and determination.

Martial Statuses

Frank DePasquale is a family man who successfully manages both his personal and professional life. He is happily married to Sarah, and they tied the knot on September 6, 1984. A year later, they were blessed with a baby boy, Nicholas. Two years after Nicholas was born, they welcomed another baby boy named Anthony into their family.

Hobbies of Frank DePasquale

Frank DePasquale, a healthy 63-year-old, maintains his fitness through a balanced diet and exercise. His hobbies include horse riding and gaming, which also keep him active.

Charity Works

Frank DePasquale is a generous individual who actively supports charity organizations such as RedRover, the Humane League, and the National Federation of the Blind. He is committed to helping those in need and contributes his time and resources to make a positive impact in the world.

Achievements and awards

Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year (2015)Acknowledged by Ernst & Young as the Entrepreneur of the Year in 2015.
ENR Builder 500 ranking (Consistently top 10)Consistently ranked in the top 10 of the ENR Builder 500, reflecting excellence in the construction industry.
Various “Best Places to Work” citationsRecognized through multiple citations as one of the “Best Places to Work” in various contexts.
Industry Hall of Fame inductionsInducted into the Hall of Fame for outstanding contributions and achievements in the industry.
Honorary Doctorates from leading construction schoolsAwarded Honorary Doctorates from prestigious construction schools in recognition of expertise and contributions.
Construction Owners Association Visionary AwardReceived the Visionary Award from the Construction Owners Association for exceptional leadership and foresight.
Multi-million dollar donor to educational institutionsDemonstrated philanthropy by making significant donations to educational institutions in the multi-million-dollar range.
Global networks and advisory board appointmentsEngaged in global networks and appointed to advisory boards, showcasing influence and expertise on a worldwide scale.

In conclusion, Frank DePasquale is a successful 63-year-old businessman who has achieved his life goals and made a name for himself as an entrepreneur in the USA. He has earned millions of dollars throughout his life, and as of 2024, his estimated net worth is $120 million.

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