James Prigioni Net Worth 2024

Are you interested in knowing the net worth of the famous gardening YouTuber James Prigioni? If yes, you have come to the right place to know about his biography and net worth.

James Prigioni is a gardener and hosts a gardening YouTube channel with over 1.24 million subscribers and 591 videos.

He has a brother named Huff, who lives in New Jersey, United States, and is a professional teacher. Let’s now discuss James Prigioni’s net worth.

James Prigioni Net Worth

James Prigioni earns most of her income from gardening and her YouTube channel, “James Prigioni,” through ads, sponsorships, videos, and affiliate marketing.
As of 2024, her net worth is $1 million.

James Prigioni: Career Inspiration

In 2011, James was scrolling through Netflix when he stumbled upon a documentary on agriculture and gardening called “Fresh,” featuring Joel Salatin.

The impact of Joel Salatin’s words motivated him, and he started reading her books after watching the Netflix series “Fresh.” The book “You Can Farm” inspired him and gave him the energy to start gardening and live a happy, natural life. Are you interested in knowing the net worth of Luke Nichols and Nancy Dufresne?

James’ Meeting with Joel Salatin

In August 2011, James went to Tennessee with her brother to purchase a property and move there with their family. During the trip, James wanted to meet with Joel Salatin, so they visited his garden.

James was impressed by the natural beauty of Joel’s garden, which inspired her to start her own gardening journey. On this trip, James also purchased Joel’s merchandise, ‘Polyface Farm’, from his shop.
While walking out, they chanced upon Joel Salatin and got the opportunity to chat with him for 10 minutes during his garden tour.

James shared with Joel her plan to start gardening in Tennessee, but Joel suggested that he should start gardening in her suburban backyard in New Jersey, as there is already a big market and many small farmers are doing this successfully.

YouTube Journey

In February 2012, James began gardening with grass and transformed it into a beautiful garden. He grew his own food forest by using a thick wood chip mulch.

As time passed, his garden covered one-third of his one-acre property. On 14 December 2012, James started his own YouTube channel under his own name, “The Gardening Channel WithJames Prigioni”.

On 2 March 2013, he posted his first gardening-related video which was liked by thousands of people in the United States and inspired him. Now, James has his own team for his YouTube channel with 1.24 million subscribers and 591 videos.

Later, James also created his own website.

Social Profiles of James Prigioni

James Prigioni YouTube Channel

James shares her daily life and gardening routines on her social profiles, resulting in thousands of followers across Social Media platforms.

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James Prigioni is a popular YouTube channel owner who specializes in gardening. He earns most of his income from social media platforms like YouTube, where he uploads professional gardening-related videos.

His viewers find his videos informative and motivational and learn various gardening techniques from him. As of 2021, James’ net worth is estimated to be $1 million.


Who is James Prigoni?

James Prigoni is a famous gardening YouTuber.

What’s the James Prigoni Net Worth?

His estimated Net Worth as of 2024 is 1 million dollar

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