Mobil Uten Abonnement: Phone Without Subscription (A Detailed Guide)

When you purchase a handphone, you can choose to do so with or without a mobile subscription. While this might not look like much of a big deal, it can affect how you use your phone. So, if you are wondering which option is best for you, this article is what you need. In this piece, we’ll reveal all the important details you need to know about a mobile phone without a subscription and whether it’s the best option for you.

Phone without Subscription Explained

Recently, many individuals have chosen to buy their new phones without a mobile subscription. One of the main reasons behind this choice is that they prefer the option to select a mobile provider, subscription, or prepaid card that matches their needs. This is the opposite of what one gets when one buys a mobile that comes with a pre-arranged subscription.

Another reason why this option is more popular is the fact that users are not tied to one operator. Since the phones don’t come with a mobile plan, they are not bound to the agreement of a lock-in period. During such a period, the user must use the subscription until it expires.

Therefore, to put it in simple terms, a phone without a mobile subscription means the user refused to purchase a package solution. This solution is a combination of a phone and a mobile subscription. This option looks like a bargain considering the cheaper price of the phone compared to buying one without a subscription. In most cases, you can save thousands of kroner simply by purchasing a handphone with a mobile plan.

However, one cannot determine whether the final price will be cheaper. This is because these plans are usually very expensive. The commitment period, which lasts for a year, ensures that you pay the subscription for this period.

So, which option should you choose? If you want to choose a mobile subscription yourself, buy a handphone without one. Consequently, you can buy one with a prearranged plan if you don’t mind the commitment to a single operator.

Reasons for Buying Phones Without a Mobile Subscription

When people choose this option, they do it for several reasons. We mentioned the freedom of being able to choose an operator and plan as one of such reasons. Below are some additional reasons people prefer this option:

  • Not willing to be obligated to a particular plan.
  • The individual already has a business or family plan they are satisfied with.
  • The person wants to purchase a cheap but fairly used phone rather than a new one.
  • The individual uses little data or prefers to use cash cards.

Most phone models, especially smartphones, can be bought with a subscription or without one. So, if you want to buy an iPhone, Samsung, Motorola, etc., you’ll find a model that fits your preference. Therefore, it’s not a matter of a particular brand being predisposed to having their models programmed with a particular subscription or without one.

Cost of a Handphone Lacking a Lock-in Period

As we mentioned already, the price of a new handphone lacking a lock-in period is higher than that of a handphone with a lock-in period. This is why many people are tempted to go for the lock-in period option. While you might enjoy this initial discount, you need to confirm that the subscription caters to your habits and needs.

If you choose not to commit when purchasing the device, you are free to explore other choices. Therefore, it’s possible to find a plan that is not as expensive as the initial plan you might have been forced to settle with. In addition, when you choose the subscription, you know exactly what you are entering into, as you are fully aware of the terms and details.

However, you must bear in mind that the data package determines the cost of any subscription. You can visit to find the best plans in Norway. This means that the more data you get, the more money you pay.

As you search for a new device, it’s advisable to check different stores to get a general idea of how much the brand and model you have in mind cost. Power and Elkjøp are examples of stores you can visit to get genuine prices. This is important as it will give you an idea of how much the phone costs without and with the plan, enabling you to decide which option works best for you.

Although new devices lacking a lock-in period are more expensive, that doesn’t mean you have to go bankrupt just because of that. For instance, you can get the Vivo T3 for as low as NOK 1,416, while the Vivo X Fold 3 Pro goes for NOK 7,788. Even the Samsung Galaxy M55 costs just NOK 3,186. High-end phones such as the Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max 512GB ROM cost NOK 11,151.

Why you need the phone should determine the brand and model you choose. For instance, if you want to use it for streaming videos, watching movies, and playing games, you’ll need a smartphone with a large screen and 5G support. Alternatively, if you want to snap lots of pictures, then you should get a smartphone with a great camera.

At some stores, you can purchase a phone and pay in installments. You could pay over a period of 12 to 36 months. This is a great option for individuals with limited cash at hand who aren’t fans of purchasing cheaper phones with subscriptions. So, even if the cost of the device is higher than its lock-in period counterpart, you can still get the device you desire and enjoy the freedom of choosing a subscription.

Pros and Cons of a Phone Lacking a Lock-in Period

The main advantage of following this path is that you are not forced to commit to a network provider. In addition, you don’t have to enter a bidding agreement for one year to use a plan that might not even meet your needs. Therefore, you can subscribe to another plan whenever you desire.

A common practice among these operators is that the plan that comes with most handphones is very expensive. You can check here to find out the top three mobile networks in Norway. As a result, users get burdened with unnecessary and heavy monthly billings.

Individuals who use a lot of data monthly might benefit from these lock-in period arrangements. The data offered by these plans is usually large and can meet the needs of most users in a month. However, such an arrangement is a waste for people who barely use data or go online. In such a case, they are paying for a service they are not using.

The main disadvantage of buying a handphone without a lock-in period is how expensive the purchase can be. As we’ve said at different points in this article, it’s more expensive to get a subscription-free phone than a subscription phone. If you’re looking at getting the latest models, you’ll have to part with a couple thousand kroner.

While such a purchase might not render you bankrupt (hopefully), you might not be able to pay such a huge amount at once. Nevertheless, you can choose to get the phone and pay in installments, as we already mentioned. But if it seems like doing so might negatively affect your finances, then it’s advisable that you go for a discounted subscription phone.

How to Choose the Best Mobile Subscription

If you’ve decided to purchase a handphone without a subscription, it means you plan to choose one yourself. Choosing the right one depends on your preferences and needs. Regardless of what those might be, here are some factors you need to consider when choosing:

  • The coverage of the network operator
  • Free voice calls, SMS, and MMS
  • The data package and offer
  • Hidden fees
  • Terms of agreement
  • Family subscription
  • Abroad usage
  • Customer service


A mobile phone without a subscription refers to a phone that is purchased without a preassigned subscription. In other words, you are buying just the phone and nothing else. Choosing this option means you have to pay more money to buy the device compared to the alternative. However, the final price of the plan might likely end up being more expensive, especially if you go ahead and select a cheaper plan.

Buying a handphone without a lock-in period allows you to choose the operator you want. You can also choose a cheap mobile plan that meets your needs and habits. There’s also the option of using a prepaid card if you won’t be using the phone frequently.

All phone brands and models offer either option. That means, for instance, you can find a Vivo T3 without a locked-in period and one with a locked-in period. This is done to ensure that customers can choose the type of experience they want. However, you must bear in mind that phones lacking a lock-in period are more expensive compared to their counterparts.

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