Viola Viveros Net Worth 2024

Viola Viveros is a 55-year-old Mexican singer and artist born in Alto Lucero Ver, in Veracruz, Mexico. As of 2024, her net worth is $6 million. Her sister, Paquita La del Barrio, is a famous Mexican singer. Viola Viveros is not just famous for being Paquita La del Barrio’s sister. She plays a significant role in her sister’s success, as they started working together at a young age to become singers.

Viola Viveros Net Worth 2024

Net Worth $6 million
Complete NameViola Viveros
Monthly Income $ 31,000+
Gender Female
Profession Artist and Singer


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Viola Viveros is a singer and an artist who primarily earns her income by participating in music concerts. Since singing is her passion, she has honed her skills and turned it into a source of income. Despite facing many challenges in her childhood, she learned from her mistakes and improved her life. Now, she is a renowned artist and singer.


Viola Viveros and her sister Paquita La del Barrio both dreamed of becoming professional singers since childhood. However, Viola’s path changed when she decided to pursue a career as an artist. During this time, Paquita La del Barrio went to South America to polish her singing skills. In 1982, she returned to Mexico and started her singing journey professionally by performing in concerts.

Paquita la del Barrio became a famous singer and earned much money from her profession. She returns to her hometown in Mexico after spending some time in America. She plays a vital role in supporting her sister, Viola Viveros.

Challenges Faced by Paquita La del Barrio

When Paquita La del Barrio became famous, she started drinking alcohol. Meanwhile, her two sons and mother also died. After that, he suffered many more shocks. These shocks could not bring back his mother and sons, but the neglect of blind fame awakened him.
It is also a moral lesson for all of us to avoid drinking alcohol. We should be very grateful when God gives us fame and pray for more success.
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We have tried to cover all the aspects of Viola Viveros’s net worth in this article. She is Paquita La del Barrio’s younger sister. She is a famous artist who lives in Mexico, with a net worth of $6 million as of 2024. If you have any other questions about Viola Viveros’s net worth, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.


Who is Viola Viveros?
She is Paquita La del Barrio’s younger sister and artist.
Who is Paquita La del Barrio?
She is a famous Mexican singer. ($11 Million Net Worth)

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