What Are the Salaries for Pharmacy Jobs in Missouri and Texas?

Pharmacy careers are crucial in the healthcare sector, providing crucial intervention in managing the medicines that affect the lives of patients. This means that one needs to know how much pharmacists are paid in order to plan for a career in pharmacy or when planning to relocate to another state in the United States of America. This article narrows down to the pay scale of pharmacy occupations in Missouri and Texas, states that have a bumper health industry. As we shall discuss, a number of factors determine these salaries and we will make comparison.

Pharmacy Jobs in Missouri

Average Salary Overview:

Pharmacy jobs Missouri provides an opportunity to earn an above-average annual and hourly wage that depends on the region, working experience, and position within the sphere of pharmacy. The average annual salary of a Missouri pharmacist is nearly $125 000. This amount varies, with the lower wage of newcomers been around $110,000 while the higher wage of professional pharmacists being over $140,000.

Influencing Factors:

Location: Another important point to be mentioned is the fact that the salary for pharmacy jobs in Missouri may vary greatly depending on whether the position is located in the city or in the countryside. Large provinces like St. Louis or Kansas City provide better wages compared to other provinces because they are more expensive and the demand for healthcare is high.

Experience: Experience is equally important in that, like in most careers, it has a direct influence on the wages earned. The salary can also vary depending on the number of years that the pharmacist has been in the industry and their specialization or certification.

Type of Pharmacy: Pharmacy type also plays a role in determining the amount of money that pharmacists earn, or the salaries that they receive. Although the base pay is similar across these settings, pharmacists working in hospital or specialty pharmacy practice are likely to earn more due to the nature of tasks they are required to perform.

Pharmacy Jobs in Texas

Average Salary Overview:

The job opportunities of pharmacists in Texas propose relatively higher wages than those of Missouri because of the significant difference in the size of the state’s population and the developed health care sector. As of now, pharmacists working in Texas receive about $130,000 in their annual salary. The initial salary may range from $115,000, depending on the company and the experience level; however, professional pharmacists and those working in a niche area can earn $150,000 and more per year.

Influencing Factors:

Location: As with Missouri, the geographical region in Texas plays a role in determining pharmacy salaries. Employers in large states like Texas, such as Houston, Dallas, or Austin, often tend to pay more than in other states, small towns, or rural areas. The variation can be attributed to cost of living and the generally high density of healthcare personnel required in urban areas.

Experience: The average salaries for licensed pharmacists in Texas are also affected by the level of certification and years of experience with the managerial responsibilities of the post. The need for well-trained pharmacists to meet the increasing population of the citizens of Texas and the development of the health sector also adds value to the salaries of pharmacists.

Type of Pharmacy: There is also the aspect of the type of the pharmacy environment that determines salaries across Texas. Pharmacists that practice in health care facilities, research, or manufacturing industries are paid more than those practicing in retail. Also, there is a presence of large health care systems and specialty pharmacies in Texas, where highly qualified and skilled pharmacists can potentially negotiate better salary packages.

Comparative Analysis

Missouri vs. Texas:

Upon comparing the salaries of jobs in the pharmacy sector in Missouri and jobs in the same sector in Texas, it can be seen that Texas tends to pay better. This is due to the fact that Texas has a larger economy and cost of living is higher in urban areas compared to other states; furthermore, there is a huge demand for healthcare services in Texas. However, the living cost in Missouri is considerably cheaper in comparison to the salary that is offered and some people might not mind the slightly lower pay.


The decision of whether to take pharmacy jobs in Missouri or pharmacy jobs Texas requires the consideration of factors including; salary scale, costs of living, availability of jobs and personal inclination. The two states still remain a good place for those who want to become pharmacists, as the demand for them is high and the wages are relatively good, considering the job’s responsibilities in healthcare systems. Whether you are more concerned with a higher paycheck in a big city with lots of population or you prefer a reasonable cost of living in a less populated area, both Missouri and Texas can provide a good home for prospective and experienced pharmacists.

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